Self-contained systems

Our SAFELOG control panels are designed for both wired BUS and wireless use.
Further information about wireless can be found here.

Self-contained system

Self-contained system


Self-contained system

Self-contained system

Self-contained system
Repeater Wireless

Self-contained system
Status & control panel MFT4

The next step in the evolution

Wireless self-contained monitoring system

Why SAFELOG Wireless?

Up to now the use of cable-connected self-contained monitoring systems in planning and, in particular, in installation work has resulted in a considerable outlay. In addition to installation of the power supply, each luminaire needs to be equipped with a bus line for the communication. Here, the customer is repeatedly faced with considerable challenges in installing this additional bus line. It is often not possible to install an additional bus line in, for instance, old building revamping work or in historic-protected buildings.

An intelligent solution here is afforded by the SAFELOG Wireless system. It is a simple and easy-to-install self-contained monitoring system permitting communication with the „Wireless“ luminaires without any additional bus line. The installer only needs to install the luminaires mechanically and supply them locally with voltage (230V AC).



principal benefits
  • Little installation time
  • Easy installation without bus wire
  • Saving on installation materials
  • Straightforward planning
  • Automatic mains set-up
  • Hybrid system possible
ideal scope for use
  • Historic-protected buildings or building areas
  • Buildings for renovation
  • Architecturally demanding buildings
  • Extension of existing systems

SAFELOG Wireless installation



  • SAFELOG main control unit (SAFELOG SL500W/Touch)
  • Wireless line coupler
  • Wireless luminaires
  • Wireless repeater (if required)

What distinguishes the SAFELOG Wireless system?

  • No additional bus wiring necessary at the installation stage. The data is wireless-interchanged (868 MHz ISM band). Only a 230V/50HZ power supply is needed for the luminaire.
  • No additional setting at the wireless consumer 1) needed. The network is automatically set up immediately after connection to the power supply.
  • Maximum possible distance between two wireless consumers given direct visual contact 30 m. 2)
  • No visible aerial.
  • Thanks to the use of a SAFELOG Wireless line coupler, a hybrid network of SAFELOG with bus wiring and SAFELOG Wireless components can be set up and existing systems extended.
  • A hybrid system design consists of bus wiring and wireless and provides scope for the realization of architecturally demanding buildings.
  • The system is based on a „mesh network“: Each wireless consumer is also a network router relaying the data between the wireless consumers to the objective. This enables the realization of large radio networks despite a statutorily limited transmitter power.
  • Self-restoring network: If a connection is blocked or fails, the network automatically sets itself up again.

Further information?

SAFELOG Wireless flyer