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emergency power supply unit

The NVG – emergency power supply unit – is a direct voltage supply unit with integrated battery for operating one or two luminaires. The use of emergency power supply units allows general lighting luminaires to be integrated into the safety lighting system in acc. with VDE 0108-100 and DIN EN 50172.

The NVGs have two outputs. Only one single luminaire is to be operated at an output. If required, the entire NVG power can be switched to an output.



  • 2 outputs (one per light) - total power can also be switched to one output
  • 2 separate housings (one each for electronics & battery
  • Electronics with automatic test setup - Errors are displayed via status LED, or reported to control panel
  • High quality lead acid battery with life expectancy of 12 years plus (Design Life of the battery at + 20 ° C)

Technical specifications


Supply voltage 1/N/PE AC 50Hz 230V
System voltage 24V DC / 230V AC/DC
Output terminals 1.5mm² to 2.5mm²
Housing ABS
Colour grey
Mounting Wall attachment
Line length
NVG – uminaire
max. 300 m


Housing Variant 1 645 x 280 x 136 mm
Housing Variant 2 705 x 280 x 136 mm


Safety class I
Protection class of housing IP65
Ambient temperature 0°C to 35°C




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