Safety power supply system with power limitation (LPS system, Low Safety Power Supply System) DIN EN 50171

Central power supply system with 4 or 8 final circuits, in changeover mode with limitation of the output power to 500 W / 1 h, 250 W / 3 h or 100 W / 8 h (LPS II 230-500-S) and 500 W / 3 h or 200 W / 8 h (LPS II 230-500-M). The LPS II is designed to supply the safety lighting DIN EN 50172 (VDE 0108-100) in case of failure of the general power supply.

The VRLA battery has a life expectancy of 12 years plus (long-life).

Operation and display of the test results are carried out via a multi-touch display. Commissioning takes place automatically after activation. Circuit types of the circuits and operating modes of the emergency luminaires can bee freely parameterisable.

The LPS II has a web server with a network connection that can be accessed via a web browser. Up to 200 building plans can be stored in the web server, on which the mounting locations of the emergency luminaires and their operating status can be displayed.



  • LPS II 230-500-S: max. Power 500 W / 1 h, 250 W / 3 h or 100 W / 8 h
  • LPS II 230-500-M: max. Power 500 W / 3 h or 200 W / 8 h
  • 4 or 8 final circuits (1.0 A) with circuit and individual luminaire monitoring
  • Luminaires freely programmable via the LPS II in BS / DS (luminaires with ELC address module)
  • 5“ multi-touch-capable colour display including a USB port for connecting external storage, a USB printer, a keyboard or a mouse
  • Automatic commissioning
  • 4 non-floating 230 V inputs for querying light switch positions (freely programmable)
  • 4 floating control inputs (freely programmable)
  • 4 relay outputs for messages (freely programmable)
  • 1 connection for MFT4 status and control panel
  • 1 connection as monitored current loop for external phase monitor
  • 1 contact for safety light blocking during idle times
  • 24 groups freely programmable
  • 24 timer freely programmable
  • Function of direction-variable luminaires (RIVA / only with ELC address module)
  • RJ-45 TCP-IP network connection
  • Integrated web server with visualization of the mounting locations of the safety luminaires
  • Web visualization of up to 125 LPS II devices

Technical specifications


Power supply 1/N/PE AC 50Hz 230V
External back-up fuse
System voltage 24V/230V AC/DC
Output terminals 1.5mm² to 2.5mm²
Housing Steel plate RAL7016
Ambient temperature 5°C to 30°C
Cable entry from the top and the back


Dimensions (W x H x D)
LPS 230-500-S 454 x 675 x 172 mm
LPS 230-500-M 454 x 959 x 172 mm
Weight not including batteries
LPS 230-500-S 17.6 kg
LPS 230-500-M 24 kg


Protection class
Safety class I

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