Exit luminaire in compliance with DIN EN 60598-1/2-22 and DIN EN 1838.

Very lean polycarbonate casing in an appealing design. Easy to handle locking mechanism without screws.

For ceiling mounting or wall mounting. Pre-cut fixation and cable entry holes from top and back. For wall mounting there is an inconspicuous wall adapter enclosed.

Optionally: Recessed mounting with recessed ceiling frame.

The 10 mm light deflecting pane is illuminated with a 1,5 watt or 3 watt LED-bar, a pictogram-set is included.



  • Very lean polycarbonate exit sign luminaire
  • Universal mounting
  • Polycarbonate body, screwless for easy installation
  • 30m viewing distance
  • Protection class IP43
  • 1,5 watt or 3 watt LED-bar, incl. pictogram-set
  • Accessories: cable assembly set, chain assembly set, pendulum, wire guard

Technical specifications


Visibility distance 30 m
Connecting terminals 2 x 2,5 mm2 for double assignment
Casing/colour Polycarbonate, white
Type of assembly Universal mounting


Wall mounting 341 x 233 x 41 mm
Ceiling mounting 341 x 230 x 37 mm


Protection class IP43
Safety class II