Exit luminaires » Special pictogram disc set for UNILINE series

Erkennungsweite 40 Meter

Special pictogram disc set for UNILINE series

The product is not in line with DIN EN 1838 supplement 1:2018-11.

With the pictogram disc set, the luminaire can be easily changed into a combined exit-sign / safety luminaire with 40 m viewing distance.

The pictogram disc set contains an acrylic glass disc, a pictogram set (arrow left, right, down and milky), a wall mounting adapter, two cover caps and a mounting instruction.

The pictogram disc set is an accessory and has to be ordered separately.

The luminaire itself is not part of the delivery.



  • Acrylic glass disc to convert UNILINE to 40m viewing distance
  • Pictogram set (arrow left, right, down and milky) enclosed

Technical specifications


Visibility distance 40 m
Casing Acrylic glass
Dimensions 322 x 222 x 10 mm




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