Exit luminaire UNILINE 300
Symbol for visibility distance 30 metersSymbol for 3 Watt LEDSymbol for protection class IP65Symbol for safety class 2

Combined exit sign and safety luminaire in compliance with DIN EN 60598-1/2-22 and DIN EN 1838.

  • Lean and screwless combined exit sign and safety luminaire made of polycarbonate
  • With an IP65 membrane pressure compensation valve
  • Universal mounting
  • Made of polycarbonate
  • For wall mounting there is an inconspicuous wall adapter already enclosed
  • Recessed ceiling mounting with an optional recessed ceiling frame
  • Viewing distance 30 m, pictogram set is included
  • Protection class IP65
  • 3 watt LED-bar
  • Accessories: Cable assembly set, wire guard, recessed ceiling frame, wall bracket
  • also available for  visibility distance 23m