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CUBE L-450

CUBE L-450

CUBE L-450

Erkennungsweite 45 Meter  

CUBE L-450

The product is not in line with DIN EN 1838 supplement 1:2018-11.

Modern, cubic luminaire housing made of plastic with three sided printed pictogram panes and one green pane.

The luminaire is equipped with 4 x 3,5 watt high-power LED technic.


  • Luminaire housing made of plastic
  • All sides are printed (3 x pictograms and 1 x neutral green)
  • Ceiling mounting
  • Accessories: cable assembly set, chain assembly set, wall bracket, central pendulum
CUBE L-450

Technical specifications


Visibility distance 45 m
Connecting terminals 2 x 2,5 mm2 for double assignment
Casing/colour Polycarbonate, white
Type of assembly Ceiling mounting (see accessories)


Dimensions 303 x 237 x 303 mm


Protection Class
Safety Class